The Carmel Homes Realty Difference

Why Carmel Homes Realty


25 years give us the insight to deliver an entirely new client experience:

A Better Experience – Greater Result & More Confidence for YOU

 We have a more client-focused philosophy, but it is current technology that allows us to effectively bring our success to you the client.

It begins with breaking the Franchise Model.  We do not spend your resources building new offices and all the related overhead.  Your resources are not paid up to a national franchise system – they stay focused on selling your home for the greatest value.

The following is a brief outline of why you should choose to hire us.  We do not intend to reveal everything on a website.  Our list of differences is lengthy, we intend to keep it that way.

Interview Us.  Make a fully informed decision as to who you are confident will maximize your value in your home.

The Entire Process

The franchise model calls these Listing Appointments.  Their objective is to have you sign a Listing Agreement.  They will tell you your home is pretty and they will be successful in selling it, present you the wrong performance statistics, provide a limited CMA report and hope to win you over because they are friendly and agreeable.  

We take the time to learn about your home and learn about your objectives, needs, and limitations.  We will provide you with complete market knowledge.  We will confirm your belief in the true measure of performance - maximizing your home’s value.  We are happy to be a friend during and after the process, but you need to hire us as professionals who you are confident will deliver your best results.

We will take the time to explain the complete process and answer your questions.  We have sat where you are sitting.  We understand your concerns and anxieties like no other broker.  We have helped countless clients manage this process with success.

We will come up with a Pre-Listing Plan of Action.  This is why it is rarely too early to talk and plan for the process - even if the decision is to hold off taking the listing Active.

This is where you will first see your resources implemented with greater impact.  We have full access to every marketing tool and channel: the difference is, we utilize them all to promote your home.

Love Your Listing!

Make your home stand out with Carmel Homes Realty.

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We employ professional photography, drones, and true virtual tours to feature your home in the most impactful means possible, and we will stay on the cutting edge of future marketing tactics.

We are affiliated with a global real estate network.  Will this sell your home?  Likely not, but we leave no stone unturned.  This extends the visibility of your home globally.  We are also part of a local affiliation representing Indianapolis, Greenwood, and Brownsburg.  Each office is local experts in their market.  Each with the ability to bring early Buyers from within our group.

We utilize the full capabilities of social media and the internet.  The world is changing, and more people are making their first contact with your home in the comfort of their own home.  Our marketing finds them where they spend their time.  They also use this convenience to keep your home top of their mind throughout their process.  We stay in front of them throughout their search.

We still employ many tried and true marketing tactics.  We communicate with your neighbors and the surrounding community. 

This is where our decades of sitting where you are may pay off the most.  We truly understand your situation.  We have taken the time to understand your needs and expectations.  We have helped countless clients through these same decisions.

This step begins with the Showings.  We stay involved.  We keep you fully informed.

But here is where we prove our value.  The industry standard is to “facilitate the transaction” each realtor working their side – essentially be a mediator. Not us. We are only concerned with you - what is in your best interest. This is a competitive situation.  We are here to be your agent.  We are here to help you maximize your value – Not compromise.

Our process will leave you confident you have made your best decision.  We will explain this in depth once you are our client.

There are two advantages we bring in this step: greater involvement and far greater knowledge.

We will explain our involvement program to you as a client, but suffice it to say it demonstrates again how your resources are spent to achieve your greatest value.

With 25 years experience in building homes, renovating homes and remodeling homes, we understand the issues presented better than anyone.  We will help with effective responses.  And we will assist you with cost-effective repairs as necessary.  

Just when you thought the process was over, you realize there are two more hurdles to clear: the Buyer’s lender and the Title Company process.  Traditionally this step is presumed to be the Buyer’s Agent responsibility.  We do not leave that to chance.

We know the pitfalls in these processes.  We acknowledge these potential issues from the beginning and plan to avoid the potential problems.  Rather than blame everyone else when it is too late, we effectively manage the process for an anxiety-free conclusion.

Rather than spend time in the closing convincing you how happy you are, we let you evaluate us.  

The entire process is about You.  We succeed with Your success.